Process of providing assistance services

When necessary, the driver or any other person from the company owning the vehicle which requires the assistance service contacts the Servis 24 call centre by phone.

He/she will agree with the operator on the form of sending the order for the assistance service. The suitable form of guaranty of the payment for the assistance service is agreed with the operator.

After receiving the order and guaranty of the payment, in case the service is provided in the Czech Republic or Slovak, the operator contacts the suitable partner to which is on behalf of the customer provided the guaranty of payment for the provided services.

In case the service is provided outside the Czech or Slovak Republics, Servis 24 provides on behalf of the customer the guaranty to the foreign central office which covers the pertinent country.

To simplify the process of ordering the assistance service (especially filling out the vehicle data in the order form) and of communication with our call centre, we offer our clients Servis 24 Fleet Assist contract .This contract brings you also further advantages - assistance service discounts - for more information on the Servis 24 customer card, see the section "Fleet product".