Call centre

The Service 24’s dispatching is open 24/7, and offers the call centre services according to our customer’s needs non-stop in at least 2 world languages.

The connectivity is ensured by the Cisco IP Phones system. The incoming calls on the individual lines are processed by a server, and assigned to the individual operators pursuant to the set rules. At each dispatcher’s disposal is a PC and the Cisco IP Phone 7940 station (details).IP phone Cisco

This structure allows the optimum assigning of the incoming calls to the individual operators according to their experience and specialisation. The Cisco System brings to our customers also other advantages in form of the feedback when controlling the availability of the line, and handling requests of its customers including the average response time, average call time, or line occupancy within a set time interval.  This system allows monitoring and recording all the incoming and outgoing phones in/from our call centre. We use software developed according to our long-term experiences for evidence of the cases of the provided assistance service, which is constantly updated with plug-ins and updates as needed to fully satisfy our clients.

This software also allows a detailed feedback in the form of reports and statistics according to the customer’s specific requirements. We use ENIA (Europe Net Internet Application) on-line communication system for communication with our foreign partner centrals of the Europe Net.

The successfully met goal of our call centre is providing a professional non-stop help and telephone support to our customers, which is always available and ready to assist. The modern furnished call centre is connected to a server, which processes all the incoming calls, and assigns them to the qualified operators according to the set parameters. Thanks to these applied technologies of the modern call centre, we are able to monitor the operation of the lines and use the achieved data as the feedback for dynamical planning of our customers’ needs.

The call centre is operated by highly qualified, experienced and dynamic team of operators, who speak world languages and are always willing to listen to the needs of the calling clients. We offer all these advantages to our current and prospective customers seeking a partner for providing high-quality and non-stop available services.

The other most wanted services of our call centre are for example verifying the validity of fuel cards, or data collection for their blockade. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested to use our call centre services.